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360 animation

a story anchored in ancestry


inspired by the past

Phyllis Williams in Garden River speaks about ancestry and the importance of knowledge passed down over generations.

This animation was based on a tale of an elder who, while watching the spider weave his web, was inspired to build a fishing net that yielded great results.


watch our 360 video

Immerse yourself in the visual world of Amanda Low in this stunning short film based on an elder's story from Garden River. For best results, please watch this video on a smartphone or headset.

Otherwise, click and drag your mouse within the animation for the 360 degree experience. Enjoy our 360 short animation!


creative challenge

What goes into making something like this happen? From just a snippet of conversation to an entire 360 world, it took a lot of careful work.
The original concept art was created by Amanda Low.
Tommy Truong worked with the audio file edited by Jocelyn Bentley and pieced together the visuals of the spiders, the abstract representation of knowledge and the birds overhead.  He painstakingly worked frame by frame to create the beautiful animation you see here.