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Explore what we co-created throughout the project, including three 360 videos, one animation, and photos of the tour.


What We Co-Created On Tour

Armed with five Insta360 cameras, we traveled to Indigenous communities in Nunavut, as well as Northeastern and Northwestern Ontario, to engage youth and communities with VR technology.

The immersive experience of the 360 degrees videos below is best achieved using a headset or mobile phone.

46°18'37.2"N 79°27'47.7"W




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Sioux Lookout, Thunder Bay and Biigtigong Nishnaabeg (Pic River First Nation) were the communities that Casey Koyczan and Mason Mantla visited on the Northwestern leg of the Northern VR RV Tour. The artists travelled over two thousand kilometers from the Northwest Territories to bring their experience to youth in Northwestern Ontario. Casey, an established digital media artist, introduced youth in Sioux Lookout to Tilt Brush, which allows interactive animation and sculpting of 3D objects. In Thunder Bay, Casey and Mason collaborated with the Earthling Collective to produce a 360 music video for their song "Dreamcatcher". They also produced some 360 content with youth in Pic River First Nation. We would like to acknowledge all of our collaborators who have been part of the project.

We would like to acknowledge all of our collaborators who have been part of the project. Chi’miigwech/Thank you Biizidun in Thunder Bay and the Earthling Collective for collaborating with us on this project. Also Chi’miigwech/Thank you Sarah Nelson for creating connections in Northwestern Ontario, and Angie Jensen at the Baggage Building Arts Centre for helping coordinate our Northwestern tour.  Thank you to the Youth and Program Lead at the Sioux Lookout Digital Creator Space [Sarah Fraser] and to  Alma Wells for coordinating for Youth programming in Biigtigong Nishnaabeg (Pic River First Nation). Also thank you to Melody McKiver for being part of the tour!

46°18'37.2"N 79°27'47.7"W



nyla innuksuk and ksenia stassiouk

360 video

Nunavut workshops image gallery.

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Igloolik and Iqualuit was were the first (non-RV!) stops on Near North's the Northern VR RV tour. This leg of the tour was led by Nyla Innuksuk and Ksenia Stassiouk in March 2019. The Girls in Tech weekend workshops, held in Iqaluit, were a great success. Participants were provided with cameras to take home for a night of filming. In Igloolik, Nyla visited her family and a community hall where dozens of kids got to experience 360 technology for the first time.

46°18'37.2"N 79°27'47.7"W



Chelsea reid and Sappho Hansen-Smythe

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Garden River First Nation, Wiikwemkoong Unceded Territory and Atikameksheng Anishnawbek were the communities that artists Chelsea Reid and Sappho Hansen-Smythe visited during the Northeastern Ontario leg of our VR tour. They worked with community members to explore 360 filmmaking as story-telling. Sappho came up from Toronto, where she works with House of VR to facilitate virtual reality experiences for Torontonian audiences. Working with Elders in Garden River, Chelsea and Sappho were able to use VR technologies to preserve stories. In Wiikwemkoong, in collaboration from the Wiikwemkoong Heritage Organization and the Debajehmujig Theatre Group, they engaged VR technology to preserve stories of Spider and Miisaabe.

Chi’ miigwech/Thank you to those who participated in Garden River First Nation: Elders in the Classroom (Joe Jones, Skip Jones, Mona Jones, Rose Jones, Carolyn Barry, Connie Manitowabi, Shirley Roach, Blanche Pine, Marion Seymour) Jo-Anne Thiessen, Deanna Jones and Youth of Garden River.
Chi’miigwech/Thank you  to the Wiikwemkoong Heritage Organization [Joe Peltier, Brian Peltier, Jerry Otowadjiwan, Phyllis Williams, Vince Manitowabi]  Wiikwemkoong Board of Education [Michael Staruck, Lawrence Enosse], Debajehmujig Theater Group, Wiikwemkoong Youth Centre.

46°18'37.2"N 79°27'47.7"W

photos from the tour

Youth, children, Elders and community members of all ages in between attended the workshops we hosted in eight communities throughout the Northern VR RV Project. Here are some snapshots of the places our artists visited and the people they collaborated with.